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Ace's Pilot Shop Flight Simulators

Jeppesen FlitePro (Flight Simulator) Software

Jeppesen FlitePro (Flight Simulator) Software

IFR Flight Simulation Software for Serious Pilots

FlitePro sets the standard for professional IFR flight training simulation software. Loaded with features including GPS moving map display, a worldwide navigation database, and flight replay in planview and profile views makes FlitePro a powerful training system.

List Price: $99.95
Our Price: $89.95
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FlitePro IFR Flight Simulation Software For Serious Pilots
Now Everyone Can Fly Like a Pro

FlitePro, the next generation of flight simulation from Jeppesen, takes IFR flight simulation, map view and replay technology to the next level. New features like moving map GPS, flight replay over Jeppesen approach plates, enhanced worldwide navigational map screens and an integrated FlitePro Instrument Course, establish FlitePro as the leader in IFR flight simulation.

Jeppesen FlightPro Instrument Training
FlitePro and FlitePro Instrument Course, a complete instrument training package

Whether you are an instrument student or an experienced IFR pilot, FlitePro's interactive, multimedia instrument course will help sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge. Hundreds of descriptive color illustrations and video clips make serious learning fun and easy. You get simulator training exercises and numerous references to pilot FARs, AIM and other important FAA publications.

Jeppesen FlitePro FlitePro features Apollo GX50 panel GPS
Now you can file direct and practice cutting edge moving-map GPS navigation at home. IFR certified for enroute and non-precision approaches, FlitePro with the GX50 GPS simulator trains you for the future of IFR navigation.
Jeppesen FlitePro gives you the whole world
FlitePro's new VectorPlus mapping technology, featuring split-screen viewing, sets a new standard for flight simulation with a database that includes the following:
  • Worldwide Jeppesen NavData
  • Victor and Jet airways
  • Airspace and terrain depiction
  • Cessna 172
  • City outlines
  • Bodies of water
  • Major roads and railways
  • Airport information
  • Navaid locations and frequencies
  • Restricted airspace
  • Country and state borders
  • User-defined waypoints
  • A new route building feature allows you to plan your simulated flight and upload it to the GPS.
FlitePro: ready to fly, or ready to upgrade
Using your joystick and mouse, FlitePro comes ready to fly right out of the box. Upgrades to systems with hardware consoles are also easy with FlitePro. Whether you add the Jeppesen basic console, or upgrade all the way to a FAA approved system, FlitePro flight simulator software can grow with your needs.
Fly both the Cessna 172 and Bonanza A-36
With super-realistic flight models, you will think you are flying the real thing. Panel details are rendered from actual photos with large, easy-to-read instruments that look and act like the real thing even during simulated failures. FlitePro simulator can also keep you prepared with equipment malfunctions and weather conditions that will challenge your pilot skills as well as your nerves.
Cessna 172 screen shot
Cessna 172 screen shot
(click for a larger image)
A36 with HSI screen shot
A36 with HSI screen shot
(click for a larger image)
A36 with Dual VORS screen shot
A36 with Dual VORS screen shot
(click for a larger image)
IFR Replay Screen showing profile

Track your flight. Improve your skills.
At the end of the simulation, FlitePro with VectorPlus Mapping Technology jumps into action with ground-breaking replay features that will improve your situational awareness and build your IFR skills.

IFR Replay Screen showing profile.

Replay over Jeppesen SIMChart Approach Charts Split-screen viewing allows you to see your whole route without missing the details of holds and intercepts. FlitePro includes over 200 SIMCharts digital Jeppesen approach plates so you can compare your flight path and descent with the same charts the pros use. Save your replay files and watch your skills improve the more you fly FlitePro.

Replay over Jeppesen SIMChart Approach Charts.

ATC communication scenarios add to the realism of FlitePro
ATC communication scenarios add to the realism of FlitePro
FlitePro comes with 10 different ATC communications scenarios featuring digitally recorded clearances for vectors to ILS, VOR and NDB approaches. Numerous other ATC add-on packages are available from Jeppesen for use with FlitePro.

List Price: $99.95
Our Price: $89.95
You Save: $10.00 ( 10%)
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